Religious vs. Spiritual

New Age Insights for Christians

Is there a difference? Yes, there is a HUGE difference. I have heard hundreds of religious people call themselves spiritual. And they really think that they are. Many think that ‘spiritual’ means deeply religious. And many think that the words are interchangeable with no difference. Let’s clear that up.

To be religious means to follow the doctrine of a particular religious organization such as Anglican, Baptist, Catholic or Protestant. Each religion has their specific sets of rules. Usually you are required to attend your place of worship every Sunday plus certain other days of obligation (ie. Christmas, Easter) to attend service. To be married in your particular place of worship, there are generally rules and qualifications to be met. Other requirements such as christenings are common. If you faithfully follow the rules of your religious organization, then you are ‘religious’.

Religions are man-made. Jesus never said that they way to…

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